Why You Should Choose Pat’s Cleaners

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We at Pat’s Cleaners pride ourselves on offering expanded services that are not offered in an average dry cleaners. We are specialists in professionally laundering and pressing sheets, duvets and other assorted household linens. We know how to properly laundered and starch cowboy jeans. We offer outstanding alteration services at fair prices. If your travels take you to our Pinnacle Peak and Pima store,  I am available to properly measure your slacks, suits and sport coats. I learned this craft not while I was in college but from a master tailor during my early years as a retail suit buyer.

So, if you are new to the area and you are looking for a dry cleaner, please give us a try. At Pat’s you will find that you will be truly treated as a friend and not just an average customer. We can expertly handle all of your dry cleaning needs.

Michael Gold
General Manager

Protect Your Clothes from Creatures!

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As the season begins to literally heat up, it’s actually a good time to clean your sweaters and put them away for the season. As many an Arizona closet is an attractive home to moths, dry cleaning your valuable sweaters is a great preventative measure to protect them. Dry cleaning fluids, including our non-toxic, biodegradable K-4, acts a repellent from moths, crickets and other little creatures.

Many of our customers are shocked to learn that moths are present in Arizona. Over the years I have had to tell customers with moth holes in beautiful sweaters otherwise.

Michael Gold
General Manager

50% Off on All Comforter and Drapery Cleaning! (expired)

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Believe it or not, July and August are great times to clean comforters and drapes in advance of the upcoming Fall season. It’s hard to believe that Fall is right around the corner but it truly is. As my wife and I were recently walking around the streets of charming Quebec City on a picture perfect 75 degree day, I came up with the idea of promoting our comforter and drape cleaning. It will be 75 here before you know it (no I’m not kidding). So please take advantage of this promotion and we’ll clean these items for 50% OFF of our regular price from now until August 31.
Michael Gold
General Manager


We Clean Firefighter Uniforms Free

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Pat’s now offers free cleaning for any firefighters that need their work uniforms looking like new. We appreciate your service to our state and country.

Good Customer Service: The Backbone of our Business

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The dry cleaning business is one of the most competitive industries around.  If you drive around your neighborhood, you’ll probably find three or four within a mile or two of your house.

So, what  makes Pat’s Cleaners different from our competitors?  The answer is quite simple.  We take the time to know our customers by name, while keeping in mind their individual cleaning preference.

We establish professional relationships with our customers in order to ensure that their dry cleaning needs are fully accommodated.

At Pat’s Cleaners, the customer truly comes first.

We Clean American Flags For Free

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Pat’s Cleaners offers many different dry cleaning and laundry services.  But, the most meaningful service we offer is the cleaning American flags free of charge, six days a week.

With all the political debate that’s currently taking place, it’s important to remember, at the end of the day, that the United States is the greatest country on the planet and we enjoy extraordinary privileges and rights that are envied by many throughout the world.

We are proud of our country and of those servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives fighting for our freedoms.

Let us not lose sight of what the American flag means.

Michael Gold
General Manager
Pat’s Cleaners

Hard To Remove Stains & Sports

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As most of our customers know, we at Pat’s are true baseball fanatics. The two teams that are near and dear to our hearts are the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Cleveland Indians. Since Pat is a native of Cleveland, talk about the fortunes of the Tribe generally dominate the morning’s sports talk.

Jim Allen, a recent addition to our front staff, is also from Cleveland and, like Pat, is a lifelong Indians fan. But, Jim has an unusual take on the Indians fortunes for 2012. He has said that the best thing about the 2012 Indians is the Stadium Mustard. It’s the best in the majors.

And speaking of mustard, Pat’s Cleaners is known for removing hard to remove stains.

So, whether you’ve got mustard, ketchup, coffee, tea or ink on a garment, give us a try! You won’t be disappointed with the results!

Michael Gold
General Manager

Pat’s Cleaners

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The question most commonly asked of me each day is “how’s business?”. I wholeheartedly believe that our company is in a strong position today because of three things: good customer service, paying attention to detail, and following through on our promises.

Pat’s Cleaners has undergone many changes over the last several months the most important of which is our conversion to the eco-friendly K-4 solvent. For the record, Pat’s is one of two cleaners in Arizona that uses K-4 in their dry cleaning.

If you have never been to Pat’s Cleaners or Desert Ridge Cleaners, please give us the opportunity to service all of your dry cleaning needs. You won’t be disappointed.

Michael Gold
General Manager
Pat’s Cleaners