Other Services we Offer

Launder + Starch jeans (hard press)

Cowboy-stiff denim.  Hard pressed jeans are washed, starched, and pressed on a hothead press for a classic look.  Available at all locations.

shoe repair

Men or Women's, any material.  Our expert cobbler services will have your shoes looking sharp again in no time.  Bring your shoes to any of our locations and we'll send them out for repair.

Tailoring and Alterations

Tailoring services are offered at our Desert Ridge location.  Our expert tailor is available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Alterations are available at the Pima location and are performed offsite.  We'll have your clothes fitting perfectly in no time.  Remember, fit is everything!

first responder uniform discount

Pat's offers 25% off uniform cleaning for first responders.  American flags are always cleaned free!   Bring in your stars and stripes and we'll have them like-new in no time.

Wash and fold

Allow us to handle the dirty work!  $2.95/lb. with a minimum of 10lbs.  Available at all locations.